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It's Spring Time Meaning a competition!!!!!!!!
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Hey NarutoFans it's spRing time for the site that means a competition.This competition is to raise the post of the site.

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The prize is you can change your Username and you …

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
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Because of the recent events that have struck Japan, please be patient about manga release. Japan and the Japanese people have more important things to deal with right now.

Please keep the Japanese people in your thoughts and prays during the time of need.
There is a link to see if your favorite mangaka's are

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We moved server and this site is way better hope you enjoy.

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 Akira Raijin

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PostSubject: Akira Raijin   Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:37 pm

Name: Akira Raijin
Nickname: Ray
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexual Status: Straight
Rank: Gennin
Village: Kumogakure

Enlarge this imageReduce this image Click to see fullsize...

Personality: Raijin is a calm individual that even though he usually takes everything seriously enjoys a good joke and to spend time with friends. He isn't shy, but usually stays quiet unless approached. Rarely seen angry or sad, Raijin has a warm and friendly feeling about him almost as like a sort of aura. He usually attempts to avoid combat and talk his way out of it, but once his comrade is attacked, he jumps in without a single hesitation Raijin remains calm during life-or-death struggles. In addition, he is a rapid learner and often understands a situation better than anyone. Overly optimistic, he rarely if ever goes into a fight with an intention to kill which often leaves him at a disadvantage when he tries not to damage his opponent too much. Raijin often pretends to be busy to avoid responsibility and work, however, when duty calls, Raijin has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment to his comrades often outdoing himself with great leadership skills knowing there are life's on the line.
Likes: Peace and quiet, good jokes, training.
Dislikes: Too much effort.
Hobbies: Thinking. Training.
Dreams: To be himself.

Clan: Clan
Element: Raiton




Raijin isn't the strongest or the fastest person there is, but he doesn't need to be. He barley ever moves on the battle field using his immense agility. Instead of charging forwards, he dodges attacks waiting for his opponent's to come closer. Then he attacks with spontanious close range movement dodging attacks even at point blank range.(Look Neji)

•Taijutsu [Taininjutsu]




Name: Lightning needles.
Rank: C
Nature: Nin
Element: Raiton
Range: N/A
Description: Raijin after performing the needed hand seals. Lightning will encase in every part of his body covering it in a sharp electric needles. He will become almost like a hedgehog. He will then shoot them in all directions with his body as the epicenter. The justu is so fast that can be barley seen even with the Aid of the sharingan, but this is not an offense jutsu. Its used to stun the opponent for 2 posts.

Rank: D-S
Description: Its a simple jutsu which uses an ankle to launch himself forwards with great speed. Its slower than shunshin [S rank is about the same speed] [D rank at about normal Jounin speed] [B rank at normal Sannin speed] [A at above average Sannin speed] This technique is great to reduce the distance to your opponent.

Name: Lightning Glove
Description: User focuses his chakra in the arms or different parts of the body to create lightning. The effectiveness depends on the user's skill which can produce either a current that stuns the opponent for a long duration of time or a current that lasts only for very short time. This also depends on who the opponent is because if they are powerful enough. D rank - 1 post C rank - 3 posts B rank - 5 posts A rank - 5 posts S rank - whole topic. It also inflicts minor damage to the body inside specially the muscles. If the opponent moves to spontaneously [eg shunshin] for another 5 posts his muscles will start bleeding internally.

Name: Lightning Discharge
Rank: C-S
Nature: Ninjutsu
Range: C-15m B-30m A-60m S- 120m radius
Description. After a long accumulation of energy, user will expel a massive wave of lightning away from his body in all directions creating a sphere of pure electricity. It has a stunning effect. It will stun anyone in range for 3 posts.

Name: Lightning Blade
Nature: Taininjutsu
Description: User will create a blade out of pure lightning which is sharper than an average sword. It doesn't always have a physical form. It depends on user's will.

Name: Agreement
Nature: Genjutsu
Rank: C-S
Description: User will cast this genjutsu using hos whole body as a medium. Whoever looks at him will agree to minor (C) things such as believing him he did something even if he didn't [Usually used to get off work] or something serious like telling his best friend he doesn't know him ([S rank)

Name: Suggestion
Rank: D-S
Description:This jutsu is nothing much than helping a person make a decision. At D rank it can make an uncertain person make a decision and so on until on an S rank it can make person who is nearly sure of something [about 90% sure] change his mind. Very useful when trying to lie.

Name: Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique
Rank: C-Rank
Description: Using this jutsu, the user can merge with another object and take on its properties to avoid any damage. It takes one post to merge it means he is merged in the same post he RPs it but can only stay two posts there before coming out for air.

Name: Control of the air sphere (Seikuken 制空圏)
A defensive technique that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating an impenetrable shield around oneself. Weapon users such as Kisai can extend the range to several feet around them with the additional length of their weapons, allowing them to defend even at mid-range. More experienced fighters can even extend the range with minimal lengths by using air pressure. The Seikūken can only be erected with a calm mind (i.e. jumping around or moving will make it difficult). if one is not calm, it would be near impossible for him or her to erect the Seikūken. User can block/dodge (up to B rank at C and so on) attacks crossing his Seikūken atomically if his body can react fast enough.
Downside:Seikūken leaves the legs defenseless, as the technique mainly involves the use of the upper body. It is also not well suited against combination attacks since its purpose is to deflect incoming attacks.

Name: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu
Rank: B
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Description: The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones. This makes Kage Bunshin an excellent training method if the ninja has the chakra capacity and stamina to maintain the Kage Bunshins for an extended period of time. This allows the ninja to essentially reduce the time it takes to train and learn with each clone added. This is especially true when used with Tajuu Kage Bunshin.

Jutsu Total

Total - [-10-]
D rank - [-4-]
C rank - [-5-]
B rank - [-1-]
A rank - [-0-]
S Rank -[-0-]



Total - [-0-]
D rank - [-0-]
C rank - [-0-]
B rank - [-0-]
A rank - [-0-]
S Rank -[-0-]



•Kunai KNives


•Shinobi Belt

•Item Pouches


•Sealing Scrolls

•Explosive tags

•Smoke pellets


•Sharp wire

•Medical pills [small amount of heal]


Name: Ebony tonfa
Appearance:Your average tonfa
Ability Description:The weapon is unbreakable. It also has hollowed on the back and has razor sharp wire inside.


History:Raijin was born and raised in Kumogakure by his parents. At the age of 6 he entered the academy after being saved from a dog who was about to kill him by a jounin leve; shinobi. Since then Raijin always wanted to become a shinobi. Despite his lazy self he trained and managed to get into the academy with top scores with minimal of training. He was often bullied by older gennin for "looking like he only cares about his looks". He was quite good looking and the others were jelaous as well as he didn't have to study or even pay attention in class and still had top marks. Raijin, or Ray how people usually call him didn't fight back as he thought it was stupid. Thats where he made up the 2 genjutsu called suggestion and agreement. It worked well and the bullying stopped. That's where he first found out how useful jutsu is. He didn't have to always kill to win. Sometimes all it took was a bit of thinking and just the right jutsu. He researched and learn a couple of handy jutsu most of them for non offensive purposes. Since then he exceeded even the older students and getting the highest marks on the gennin exams. It proved to him that a bit of work and he can be the best. Since then, he works a bit, not much compared to others, but still enough to not fall behind.

CODE!: Courage firpowechon technique thrd
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PostSubject: Re: Akira Raijin   Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:19 pm

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Akira Raijin
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