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It's Spring Time Meaning a competition!!!!!!!!
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Hey NarutoFans it's spRing time for the site that means a competition.This competition is to raise the post of the site.

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
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Because of the recent events that have struck Japan, please be patient about manga release. Japan and the Japanese people have more important things to deal with right now.

Please keep the Japanese people in your thoughts and prays during the time of need.
There is a link to see if your favorite mangaka's are

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 Yukitaka, Yuki-chan, Taka-san,

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PostSubject: Yukitaka, Yuki-chan, Taka-san,    Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:52 pm

Name: Yukitaka, Yuki-chan, Taka-san,
Nickname: Nomo
Sexual Status:Women
Rank: Genin
Village: Suna

Personality: Spoiler:

Yuktaka is overall happy. He enjoys life, and makes the best out of each day. He welcomes friends with a hug(out of the few he has) and takes regular naps. Yuki tends to up lift others with his comments and flexibility when it comes to spending time with people.

Miyoshi: This is Yukitaka's alter ego. This is a somber personality that rested inside Yuki since he was born. Each time he uses his clan ability in genjutsu(which is automatically each time he uses genjutsu). Myoshi slowly takes over Yukitaka's body starting with his mind. Depending on how often he uses genjutsu, will determine Miyoshi's power.

Likes:a good time, mind games, death
Dislikes: others, arrogance, close minded people,
Hobbies: Checking out guys, making himself look good, talking
Dreams:nothing really, Finding that perfect "other"



Natural Genjutsu-User: Born with a affiliation/addiction/attraction to genjutsu, Yukitaka has a natural aspect to him that causes his body and senses alike to be immune to enemy genjutsu. Though his immunity is only as strong as he is. (He is immune to genjutsu equal to his rank, each rank he goes up, so does the immunity)




If you need inspiration try

Genin (D Class Missing Nin) - 10 Canon, Clan, Custom Jutsu - 5 C-rank, 1 B-rank

Name: Burakku wa, gensō no bara (Black Rose Illusion)
Rank: D
Type: Genjutsu
Description: A low class ilussion that when used the caster will burst into a large number of black rose petals when they are struck. The petals will spiral around the area.

Name: Rokkusutorappu (locking Straps)
Rank: D
Type: Genjutsu
Description: The Rokkusutorappu is a genjutsu created by Makai. it is sued to bind his opponents once defeated. it makes it appear as if there arms and legs are bound by rope

Name: Kasumi Jūsha no Jutsu
Rank: D
Type: Gen
Description: This genjutsu creates eerie black ninja illusions, which appear one by one from trees and rocks, and corner the enemy. Their movements are slow, but when attacked they multiply, and in this way they appear like ghosts inhabiting the mist. Kunai are added to this technique, by throwing them to match illusions movement, making them seem real. As the clones continue to multipy, the victim will eventually be worn down.

Name: Gansaku Kiri no Jutsu [Illusionary Mist Technique]
Hand Seals: 3
Element: ---
Type: Genjutsu
Rank: D
This jutsu acts just like Kirigakure no jutsu, however this is the illusionary form, meaning the mist created is not real or physical in any way. But because it is a genjutsu, it tricks the mind into believing it's real. Unlike the normal version, this specific jutsu has a couple key differences. One being that the mist itself will feel cold to those affected by the genjutsu. And the second being that because it is not physical, it cannot be blown away by physical means, which makes it slightly more useful. Though, since it is a genjutsu it can quickly be dispelled with a simple genjutsu kai. As long as the enemy still believes they're in the mist, the genjutsu will continue without the need for the user to keep pumping chakra into it.

Name: Yukitaka's Kanashibari Music
Element: n/a
Rank: C
Description: Rin will usually use this when she is either trying to capture or bind her opponents. By singing or whistling this song, Rin's voice infused with chakra can cause opponents who hear it to freeze in their tracks.

Name: Chakra Enhancing Music
Requirements: Demonic Flute
Rank: D
Sort: Ninjutsu
Type: Supplementary
Description: The user must be still for this jutsu to be performed. For as long as the user plays the melody, he will stimulate the tenketsu of the desired targets and grant them a boost of chakra. This jutsu uses the same sound manipulating technique as Kyoumeisen jutsu so that only selected targets be affected.

Name: Crushing Snake Constriction
Rank: C
Orochimaru puts the opponent into a genjutsu which has snakes appear beneath the opponent to constrict them and with Orochimaru's command, they crush the opponent.

Name: Hana Ninpō: Kyōka Sai (Flower Ninja Art: Maximum Cutting)
Rank: C
Type: Genjutsu
Description:The user will cast an illusion which surrounds the target in flower petals and darken the surroundings around them.

Endan (Fireball)
Nature: Katon (Fire).
Rank: C.
Type: Attack.
Handseals: 2
Chakra Consumption: Low.
Katon • Endan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. This jutsu allows the ninja to emit a jet of fire from his mouth.

Name: Mateki: Mugen Onsa (Demon Flute: Phantom Sound Chains)
Rank: B
Type: Genjutsu
A genjutsu that relies on the sound of the flute. Whoever hears it will be assailed by the vivid sensation that their limbs have been fastened with sturdy ropes, thus becoming unable to move about freely. Even without physical intervention from an outside force, the body is robbed of all mobility, and consciousness itself progressively fades away. At the same time, they are fed morbid hallucinations, which makes it also possible to run them down mentally. Given that the means of transmission is sound-based, it has a large range of effectiveness, on top of which it can be applied even without knowledge of the enemy's position, which makes for an exceedingly convenient technique.

Jutsu Total

Total - [-10-]
D rank - [-4-]
C rank - [-5-]
B rank - [-1-]
A rank - [-0-]
S Rank -[-0-]



(Genin do not put anything down if they just recently graduated. Those that have only list for D and C class)

Total - [-10-]
D rank - [-5-]
C rank - [-5-]
B rank - [-0-]
A rank - [-0-]
S Rank -[-0-]



•Kunai KNives


•Shinobi Belt

•Item Pouches


•Sealing Scrolls

•Explosive tags

•Smoke pellets





Born into on April 7th into a strict family, Yukitaka was born into the Kurama family. Natural born genjutsu users, Yukitaka was brought up with scrolls and practices of genjutsu and how to break out of them. Being in the academy, Yukitaka there discovered his attraction to boys. Now, he was not the loudest, though not the quietest in the class. He got average marks, and had lots of friends, both guys and girls. It was after hanging around each, he found out that he rather listen to his guy friends talk about what happened to their bodies while they were having wet dreams, rather than what was on tomorrows test.

Graduating from the academy, Yukitaka was placed on a team. After doing a few missions and bonding with each other and their sensei, Yuki started to notice he was developing feelings for his male teammate. After practicing with him on his request late one day, Yuki waited until the sun began to set to tell him. The boy's name was also Yuki though short for Yukimura. Yuki confessed being gay and his feelings for Yukimura. There was an awkward that followed with Yuki being beaten. The words "take it back. You don't like me, we are both boys!" Could be heard in between punches. Yuki refused to take back his words explaining that he could not stop his feelings.

A kunai was drawn and Yuki was cut. Yukimura swore to him that he would kill him if he repeated those words to anyone. The next day, Yukitaka was removed from the team. Not for what he did, but for his safety. Now without a squad, Yuki waits.....with a smile.

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Yukitaka, Yuki-chan, Taka-san,
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